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Wellness area

A wellness area to relax and rest

Only a few places can offer such a perfectly designed setting for rejuvenation and wellness. You’ll be able to feel completely relaxed on our wellness area with indoor pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

Swimming pool

Back to basics

If you’re looking to feel revitalised or just enjoy a spot to rest, you’ll love the spaces dedicated to relaxation and wellness at L’Escale After a busy day, enjoy the comforts of the indoor heated pool. Enjoy the sun and the view on the Cap Blanc Nez from the deck chairs on the indoor beach or on the outdoor terrace.

Opening hours : from 9am to 8pm




Absolute relaxation

Heated at a pleasant 35°C, you’ll feel like you’re floating in a world of bubbles. The hydromassage jets will help your body to totally relax by soothing your joints and muscle tension.

Opening hours : from 9am to 8pm

Steam room

An experience with a thousand-year tradition

This vapour bath has multiple benefits. The body relaxes under the effect of the pleasant heat, the respiratory system is cleared from inhaling the eucalyptus vapour, and circulation is stimulated. The elimination of toxins and the oxygenation of the body help with a good recovery, improved sleep and fairer, softer skin.

Opening hours on week-end and hight season : from 9am to 8pm
Opening hours low season : from 2pm to 8pm




Well-recognised benefits

Originating in Scandinavia, this intense dry heat accelerates perspiration. The strong heat will help to rid you of muscular tension, stress and internal tension. It also helps to get rid of impurities. Your skin becomes more supple, your complexion more radiant, and your immune system strengthened.

Opening hours on week-end and hight season : from 9am to 8pm
Opening hours low season : from 2pm to 8pm

Well-being massages

A moment for yourself

After a hiking day along the coast or simply to relax, allow yourself a restful moment thanks to our massages. Our certified practitioners are creators of well-being and offer different massages combining relaxation, tone and energy.

Opening hours : from 9am to 7pm

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Fitness room


Enjoy a spot of fitness at the hotel! Whether you are staying at the Hotel for leisure or professional reasons, you will be able to relax between two touristic visits or after a long working day. The fitness room is equipped with 2 treadmills, 1 rowing machine, 3 different kind of bikes and several gym machines.

Opening hours : from 8am to 10pm

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